Snipers are Hams too


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Sep 11, 2008
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If you've never seen Army field manual FM23-10 "Sniper Training" , it is a great book. I learned a lot about long range marksmanship from it years ago. What I forgot was it has a lot of radio communications info in it. The snipers need to know some radio theory, how to set-up a field-expedient comm station and how to kludge wire antennas. Basically, they are also Hams.

See Chapter-7 for all the stuff they have to know.

Starting at page-41, chapter-2 details the various radios they use. I would love to have one of the AN/PRC-104A they (used to) use. It is an all mode 75M-10M portable 25W rig with internal auto tuner.

Then, for the really deep details, there's the Dept. of the Army's training manual TM 11-666 "Antennas and Radio Propagation". 231 pages written 58 years ago!
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