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WTS ***SOLD***TPNES’ KAC in a box sale: Brand New Assembled KAC SR-15 Lowers


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Feb 9, 2018
From the desk of TPNES’ home: Two assembled KAC’s for your viewing pleasure. Weddings are pricey, and as such TPNES will be listing off some personal items, as well as posting up some nice sales for the mill FFLs.

(SOLD PENDING FUNDS) #1: virgin KAC SR-15 lower, never used, will come with original KAC factory box (a KAC in a box essentially). KAC A2 grip, LMT buffer tube/weight/spring and stock, LMT lower parts kit (except added is Forward Controls Design billet machined takedown pins). Random mil spec trigger that you should replace with something more befitting. 950 with LMT stock, 900$ without.

#2: This is a virgin KAC SR-15 lower, never used, and will include original box that it came with. It has been assembled out with an aero precision premium lower parts kit/buffer tube in addition to LMT buffer weight and spring and an LMT waffle stock. KAC A2 pistol grip. Professionally assembled and torqued to spec. (Castle nut unstaked incase the owner wants to make final modifications).

Priced to sell: 900$ out the door with LMT stock, 850$ without.

If you want TPNES to gut all the parts off either and just buy the stripped lower it’ll be 600$.


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