Spohr Revolvers

Broccoli Iglesias

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Sep 18, 2010
What is so different about these revolvers?

Do they make 8 shot revolvers?
Do they make calibers others dont?

If they don't manufacture anything unique / different, then why should I pay for one? (Besides maybe the revolver being nice and just wanting to add to the collection).

I am at a point that if someone doesn't offer something different, I dont give a sh*t. A nice 8 shot would be sweet, one that is not a kit gun (SW) and has a decent trigger, right now we have 4 options:

1. SW - kit gun, needs roughly $400-600 to make it worthy. Overpriced because "Performance Center".

2. Super GP 100 - terrible trigger. Very little after market support. But better sights than SW.

3. Taurus - LOL

4. KORTH - never fired one. Don't want to spend $5K on a revolver with little to none aftermarket support.
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