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Telegraphers chair is off to its new home


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Aug 12, 2010
Between Cabelas and Harvard Sportsmen’s Club
I was given this chair almost 50 years ago from a man in Oxford MA. He was in his late 80s at the time, and said it was the chair he used as a telegrapher before he became he got a job working at the mills in setting up and maintaining the equipment. I have used it since in my home office / shack since. ( so I CAN really claim to be a hard ass)

But the reality of age and a bad back have caught up to me, and this chair isn't going to make the move to a free state with me.

the chair has found a new home.

You will note I have upgraded the chair to modern casters. I believe the original wood wheel caster are still in my desk drawer.

I am in town of Bolton (10 min from Cabelas)


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