The gun you regret selling, and the gun you couldn't get rid of fast enough


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Sep 13, 2016
Western MA
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So, for me, it was a 20 gauge pump action shotgun I inherited from my father. He received it as a gift for being part of a wedding party. It was a 1 of 5 gun, wood furniture selected by hand from the assembly line, and said furniture was send out for custom wood engraving. I was in a tight spot for money with a child on the way, and he wasn't in much better shape, so he told me to sell it and call it a day. I would sell my 93 Ford F-250 IDI project, my gaming PC, every single thing I owned including my cell phone if it meant I could get it back. The worst part, too, is I can't even remember the make or model.

What I couldn't get rid of fast enough was as Savage Arms Model 93 in .22 magnum. The bolt, no matter what I did, rusted constantly. I finally gave up when after a green scotchbrite and WD-40 scrubbing session to get rid of all the rust, I cleaned it and baked it in the oven for 2 hours on warm to get rid of any residual moisture, practically dipped in Hoppe's, and set it in storage for 2 weeks. When I pulled it out, not only was the bolt speckled in fresh rust, the bolt handle was too. I sold it for $80 IIRC.
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Had a Marlin 357 lever gun. Sold it in 1994. Very sad.
I guess a Tec 9. It liked to jam and I didn't
never sold anything but I bought a piece of junk twice. once cause it was cheep and twice to make the 1st safe enough to operate (as infrequently as it did).

never ever buy a Remington 522 "viper" ... a royal piece of shite. imposible to repair, difficult to properly clean, and even worse to use.
I don't sell guns.
But might need to get rid of a couple.
One is a tiny .25 cal, I bought it and never shot it. Looks great, but it is not my thing.
AR180/SIG P220. In that order.

The '180 was a beautiful Howa. From the moment I traded it, I was on the hunt for a replacement. I've found a Sterling now, but I still miss that Howa.

The SIG... well. I heard everyone raving about it, so I figured I'd give it a try, but... no. Just no. I was the same way with my Glock.
Regret selling my Arsenal SAM-7R to a friend couple years ago for exactly what I paid for it ($1350). Saw some people were asking for $4K FIRM for a SAM-7R "IN MA!!!"

Couldn't get rid of a Keltec P11 fast enough. That thing couldn't feed hollow points and I wasn't about to spend the time doing a fluff n buff lol
Traded my grandfathers beat to snot Fox Sterlingworth for a new Roger 10/22 when I was 18. Dumb. Also miss one of the Browning T series Hi-Powers I’ve owned.

Don’t miss any of the M&P shields I’ve tried to love.
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