The gun you regret selling, and the gun you couldn't get rid of fast enough

Regret Selling? Perhaps that kag 12 ga. I didnt like how it ejected the shells onto my wrist.
Couldnt sell fast enough? Springfield 10mm trp. Ducking waste of money jammomatic.
Does the Brownells one not count? They're not selling the rifle complete, but you can buy the upper and lower and assemble your own.
Thats just an upper. It's cool but not what I'd like.

I personally like to get as far from AR's as possible. I own a bunch and I really don't need all my other guns to be like them also. One of the reasons when I got my AUG I wanted nothing to do with the NATO stock.

I say all that and I'll be the 1st in line to buy the new PSA M16A2 clones
My regret is a CZ SP01 Tactical. I'm not really sure why, because I have plenty of other full sized CZs with better triggers.
Sold a Shield that I bought brand new. Shot it once and sold it because of the awful MA trigger.
I had a backup at one time. Aside from not wanting to shoot anything but ball of Remington JHP, mine was abuse proof. I shot Ayoob's LFI1 class with it, and got the second highest score in the class. I miss mine.

Would love a detective special, but can't see fit to spend $1000 on one. Prices are still insane.
Glad you had an AMT that actually ran. I couldn’t six rounds off in a row on mine
I regret selling a High Standard Model 10B bullpup 12 ga. Only because it was unusual and it would be worth something someday.

I actually bought an AK years ago. I couldn't wait to get rid of it. Get this commie piece of shit away from me.
I traded a piece of shit WASR 10 AK with tilted sights, I bought for crap money at the high point of the Obamascare straight up for a beautiful stainless Savage 110 in 30-06 with a Leupold scope. Never regretted that deal.
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