Thinking about transporting your gun through Maryland - Maybe not

I end up traveling to both nj and md on a semi-regular basis. Luckily when I head down to md I am only bringing shotguns and I stay on the eastern shore where no one really cares about big guns (though ebr's and "nut jobs who want to carry guns" are still not really commonplace).

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He's a lot better than the anti-gun clown he replaced.

Oh wait, I got some source material now... You sure about dat?
Gun rights advocates are trying to pressure Gov.-elect Larry Hogan, a Republican, to get involved in a legal effort by a coalition of gun owners and gun rights groups to invalidate the law. Twenty-one states have filed briefs with the court supporting the challenge. In a news conference in November after winning the election, however, Mr. Hogan said he would leave it to the courts to decide.

Translation: "I'm not getting involved, because I'm a political coward."

As governor, Mr. Hogan will “uphold both the U.S. Constitution and the laws of Maryland; he will not overturn existing Maryland law and will work across party lines to reduce gun violence,” Hogan spokeswoman Erin Montgomery told The Times.
Academics say Mr. Hogan is likely to stay far away from gun control issues as he begins his tenure as a rare Republican elected official in a mostly blue state.
“Of course, some conservatives would love to see Maryland’s gun control law changed, but Hogan recognizes the political reality that Maryland is a liberal state — and if he wants to accomplish anything economically, he’s going to have to stay away from the social issues,” said David Lublin, a professor of political science at American University who runs a blog, Seventh State, dedicated to Maryland politics. “Gun control is popular in the state, and, although I don’t see him strengthening it, a sort of vagueness suits him well on the issue.”

"Gun Violence" is anti newspeak.

Yeah, he's god's gift to gun owners all right... [thinking]

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