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WTS TPNES' First Annual f*** Hamas Sale (Still Halal) (IWI's and Deagles)


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Feb 9, 2018
If you aren't living under a rock, TPNES is sure you've seen whats brewing with our dear friends in the promised land of Jerusalem. No, this isn't anything new in particular, it seems like yesterday we saw monthly news flashes of Ariel Sharon and his compatriots ass-reaming Yasser Arafat the good old fashioned way with 500 pound JDAMs. What is new is the western world condemning the IDF for retaliating against Hamas and Hezbollah launching rockets into cities indiscriminately while hiding in news stations, schools, hospitals, and apartment complexes like rats.

What is even worse is seeing this blathering liberal insanity calling Israel an "apartheid state" committing "genocide" and supporting a One Palestine movement (not to mention BLM chiming in that BLM and Palestine are one and the same struggle, thats rich!). TPNES thinks we need to send all these idiots back to basic world history.

I think we can all agree other than our favorite Stein's fine jewelry crafting and hoarding the world's supply of gold and silver, the good mensches in Israel also make fine WEAPONS OF WAR over at IWI (Israeli Weapon Industries). While I'm not personally convinced the "Israeli-carry" is a good tactical idea, I can't deny those Krav Maga freaks in the Mossad know what they're doing (please don't kill me in my sleep or motorcycle bomb me pulling out of my driveway).

All this to say, lets send a little support to our allies shall we? Support the state of Israel by supporting their top export: IWI (formerly owned in fact by the state of Israel when it was IMI). Every purchase is a vote for Netanyahu! All of these are brand new in box, and part of the TPNES wedding liquidation sale of my collection. All prices are OUT THE DOOR what you pay, all fees for transfer covered by me and to take place at an FFL of my choosing at the Mill. ***ALL ITEMS ARE BOTH HALAL AND KOSHER APPROVED***

For funsies I'm including Desert Eagles since these were engineered by IMI though currently sold under the brand Magnum Research. They need no introduction. There is clearly nothing more appropriate to use to blow the head clean off of a Hamas jihadi than a 50AE or 44 Magnum round.

-IWI Masada: Excellent carry pistol, probably the best striker fired trigger you'll experience. Super affordable but with premium quality. 625$
-IWI Jericho 941: One of their original pistols. 750$
-IWI Zion: Israel's take on the AR15 platform. Fantastic firearm, high-end parts and features, MLOK full length rail, B5 Systems furniture. 2000$
-IWI Tavor X95 16.5'' Black: For those bullpup lovers. 2600$

***SPF***-Desert Eagle 50AE: 1900$
***SPF***-Desert Eagle 44 Magnum "Case Hardened Finish": 2500$


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