Urban carry shoulder rig review


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Sep 13, 2012
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So, here we go.
As of lately, I haven’t been carrying much, mostly because the leather holster I have for my edc is ok, but not great. It’s also quite old, and the belt loop won’t fit my gun belt. All other holsters I own are G codes with the RTI system, which is awesome for training/SHTF larping and such, but out of the question for CCW. So I got into the idea of a shoulder rig and started shopping.
I eventually ended up on the website of urban carry : LockLeather Shoulder Holster
I liked what I saw, so I just ordered one, because I can pay for it, I wanted one, and because this is America and I don’t need a reason. What can I say? Shipping was between 5 and 10 days, because I am a cheap bastard and didn’t want to pay extra for expedited shipping. Lo and behold, that shit was on my porch 3 days later. Screw expedited shipping.
opening the padded envelope, first surprise: the rig consists of 4 parts (the actual rig, the holster, the panel for the non holster side, and the straps.)
Here‘s what I ordered:
- the rig (duh!)
- belt straps (you get the choice between the straps or the waistband clamps)
- holster #208
- panel with 2 mag carriers, open model, double stack
They offer everything in 2 colors, brown and black. I chose the black one, because, well, I wear socks, I don’t live on a boat, I don’t have a pet gator named Elvis, I don’t drive a Ferrari, I don’t have a pigmentationally challenged partner, and I’m just not 1984 Don fuggin Johnson.
Every part came in a separate little fancy baggy, with drawstrings and everything. The holster part comes with instructions for setting the rig up, and tips on how to break the rig in. I don’t know what they’re thinking. This is Murica, and real men don’t need no instructions.
the set up was easy enough, and pretty much self explanatory. The leather is flawless, the stitching is impeccable. The buckles are just that: plastic buckles as you find them on every chest rig, plate carrier or backpack. Although they dont have a brand name on them, they seem better than average. Which simply means the shit is sturdy. The snap buttons are no doubt heavy duty, and you need to push them together with authority (that means really, really wicked haaad, for the mass holes who might read this).
It went together easy. I tried 2 mags of my edc, and they feel secure. Now, on to the holster (I won’t bother you guys with the adjusting of the rig, it’s just pushing tri glides up and down.)
the holster itself is great. My SP2022 fit right in, and so did my Canik TP9. Happy camper here. It has an internal retention doodad, that can be adjusted through turning a screw on the side of the holster. Or so I’m told, because mine was just fine in the retention department without playing fukfuk games with it. Anyway, you get a slight “click”when that thingy engages and secures the gun. The fact that everything is held together with buckles means this rig is modular. At this time, they offer all components separately, which means you can just get a different holster part for another gun, click click, good to go.
They have plans on offering side panels for phones, knives, flashlights and whatnot, but for the time being, it’s either a smooth panel, 2 mags open, or 2 mags vertical with flaps. That’s it, and you’re gonna like it.
summary/tldr: good quality, good workmanshi, fair price ($236 shipped), easy set up and modularity. What’s not to like?
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