Vista outdoors selling firearms/ammo division

the leadership in many of these companies could care less about politics or 2a or any of that. The only concern is the bottom line.
Well, a corporation is in the business of making a profit.

That being said, it would be nice if a company that knows they have a huge chunk of the ammo and primer markets didn't f*ck around with it.
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So basically the CIA will soon have access to most ammunition sales info in the United States. And potentially control the supply.

Oh, and let’s take a look at who else is involved.

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I’m sure it’ll be fine.
That’s a pretty picture but provides no backup to its assertions. Just because someone posted it to the internet doesn’t mean any of it is true (or untrue).
This sale leaves me with a bad feeling. I don't like the idea of such a big chunk of US ammo production being owned by a foreign company.
And yet everywhere we look, foreign-made ammo is taking over and becoming the bulk of the affordable US commercial supply... kinda like so many other everyday products in America. Products tend to be made by and where they can be made cheapest at a given quality level with the least taxes and government interference. There should be a national security concern (same as there should be for foreign made/owned drugs & medical products, etc.) and yet, so far, economics govern.

Not sure what we can do to change that. The Biden Administration sure isn't going to help any American ammo or firearms-related business.
Now CZ/Colt wants to buy out the whole Vista Outdoors company...

Now CZ/Colt wants to buy out the whole Vista Outdoors company...

Great. So they can f*ck it up like their rifle division.
Soon we will all be talking about the good ole days of pre-Covid quality of ammo, components, parts, and firearms that have absolutely hit the bottom of the barrel during these post covid times of the great inflation.
Hows the Scorpio 9 milly treating you?
Hows the Scorpio 9 milly treating you?
Very good in 2 bricks of testing.

I just posted some data on the Geco in the TS megathread from buffman. I like his videos because he does some extensive testing with ammo in different platforms. Turns out all that ammo we bought up in 2018-2021 may have the peak of quality ☹️

Vista Outdoor board rejects buyout offer from Colt CZ​

Published December 1, 2023

ANOKA, Minn. (BRAIN) — Vista Outdoor, which has agreed to sell its Sporting Products business to Czechoslovak Group a.s. for $1.91 billion, has rejected an unsolicited offer from Czech Republic-based firearms company Colt CZ to buy the entire company.
Vista Outdoor's plan is to sell its Sporting Products business, which includes its ammunition brands, to Czechoslovak Group, and to spin off its Outdoor Products business, which includes several bicycle accessory brands, into a new company to be called Revelyst.
The Colt CV bid would have acquired the entire company for a combined stock and cash transaction that valued each share of Vista Outdoor common stock at $30.
After considering the Colt CV bid, the board decided to reject for a number of reasons, including that it believes the $30 per share offer significantly undervalues the company. The board also said the bid does not provide adequate details and does not take into account "the significant stockholder value that is expected to be created by the separation of the Outdoor Products and Sporting Products segments of Vista into two independent companies, each with its own dedicated strategic focus, enhanced ability to attract and retain top talent, tailored capital allocation philosophy, and set of competitive advantages."
The board continues to recommend going forward with the sale of the Sporting Products business to Czechoslovak Group.
You just blindly believe a picture you found on the internet which confirms your biases?
Maybe it’s true. But maybe it isn’t. Show me some proof.
I'd like to know why this is considered important and relevant. A bunch of foreign dignitaries and businessmen doing what dignitaries and businessmen do.
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