I was fifth in line this morning at 6:45, my wife was fourth. By the time they opened the doors, there was about 30-40 people in line.
Packed at St. Pius in Lynn. Ballot pages 1404 and 1405, makes me wonder if someone forgot a page.
Voted yes on 3 because even the mentally challenged need not be discriminated against.
Doesn't mean I cant give them flak for making shit up about gender.
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I wonder this every time I vote:

Why does there need to be two LEOs at every polling location? What's going to happen in the local elementary school gymnasium that ONE officer can't handle?

Seems like a good day for criminals to run amok. I did the math. Can't be too many officers out patrolling the streets today...
Framingham only had one. I thought my comment about me having the nicer Glock was funny , he didn’t seem to appreciate it.. but he still couldn’t catch me :)
Depends, was there a bus outside waiting for them?
Meh there was a senior center bus. Also there was a certain demographic which I usually dont see a whole lot of around town who seemed to be overly represented when I was there.
We voted after work yesterday, about 5pm. We were outnumbered by the poll workers with only a couple of other people there voting. Hope it was busier earlier, but it was at a school.
Results of Mass Ballot Initiatives, for those who only get their NEWS on NES...
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