Wave of lawsuits against US gun makers raises hope of end to mass shootings


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Nov 24, 2005
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"s America’s gun crisis shows no sign of abating, there is some hope for reducing the number of mass shootings and killings. The emerging wave of lawsuits against gun makers echoes previous successes against the car industry, opioid companies and big tobacco…

Timothy Lytton, distinguished professor at Georgia State University College of Law and editor of the book Suing the Gun Industry: A Battle at the Crossroads of Gun Control and Mass Torts, said litigation can help to push the issue of gun violence to the front of the public’s minds and also “reframe” the discussion of America’s gun crisis. “Instead of focusing a lot of attention on the criminal shooters or mental health issues this litigation has focused attention on gun manufacturers, in terms of their design decisions, their distribution decisions and their marketing strategies,” Lytton said."

He say this like it’s a good thing.
More leftist "feel good" insanity.

Words on paper don't inspire anyone to NOT commit a crime.

Trying to hold a legal manufacturer who is three times removed from a crime for the actions of a criminal is just insane.

You know what's going to end mass shootings (or at least slow them down)......someone at a school or church pulling out a drum fed sub machinegun and hosing down a perpetrator to shreds and the bloody, raw, unedited footage shown nightly for a month.
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