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WTS Wedding Liquidation BNIB SCARY Rifles: Higher End Edition (Sig MPX, Daniel Defense, Noveske, FN etc)


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Feb 9, 2018
Thinning the stable of rifles, here-in I will post what I am putting up on the block for higher end rifles and as time goes on will update this list with more that I bring out from the vault. All of these are brand new in original factory packaging, never used shot toyed with or anything. Just thrown into the gun vault as part of a degenerate collection that now needs to go to fund my all you can eat raw bar and top shelf open bar for cocktail hour and whatever else she comes up with... If you want photos just google the items, if you really want photos maybe you can convince me to go snap posterity shots of each of the 100 items I'm liquidating... save me the hassle for all that is holy in life.

Currently on the block:

-Daniel Defense DDM4 V7: 2200$
-Daniel Defense DDM4v7 FDE: 2250$
-Daniel Defense DDM4 V7 PRO: 2500$
-Noveske Gen 3 SPR: 2600$
-Primary Weapons Systems (PWS) Mk116 Mod 2-M: 2400$
-Radian Weapons Model 1 (Gray colored): 3900$

-Sig MPX: 2500$

-FN 15 Tac Carbine II: 1850$
-IWI Zion: 1350$
-Springfield Saint Victor: 1450$
-SOLD-Sig Sauer M400 Tread BDX: 1500$
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