What is your oldest firearm?

My oldest firearm, which is a newborn compared to some here on this thread, is a 1947 Marlin Model 90, 12 gauge O/U...Bought it at an auction when I was 16 for $50. I've shot a lot of partridge, woodcock (ehh, ehh, ehh, he said woodcock [laugh]) and squirrels with this thing over the years...

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My oldest is a 1918 produced Colt 1911, which likely saw combat in WW1, where my grandfather manned coastal batteries in France. He was lucky to avoid the trenches.

My 2nd oldest is a 1943 Colt 1911A1, from WW2.

I couldn't find a pic of the 1918 version, and I was too lazy to take it out of the safe, so here's the 1943. The slide has a serial number behind the firing pin retaining block which matches the receiver.

Screenshot 2024-05-20 6.36.37 AM.png
1893 spanish mauser, was converted to 1916 8mm after the spanish revolution. It's not the best shape, the fore stock has been removed.
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