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Nov 30, 2005
Lynn, MA
Found this on the PA Legion site:

American Legion Posts needing blank ammunition for ceremonial purposes can be assured of the best possible service on requests, if they comply with the following instructions:

Direct a letter of request on Post letterhead with an address (not a P.O. Box number) and a telephone number to Executive Director, Washington Office, American Legion National Headquarters, 1608 K Street, N.W., Washington, DC 20006.
Ammunition is now provided free of charge. Please do not send any checks or money orders.
It is preferred the ammunition be shipped to a residence of an officer and not to the post. Provide a home delivery address in your written request along with a phone number for that residence.
At the present time, the only storage facility handling blank ammunition is in Missouri; orders will be shipped from there. You should receive a letter indicating your order has been processed along with a tentative ship out date. Orders are usually received within 5 working days after shipment. Federal Express will not call you to let you know they are on the way to deliver. A signature is required upon delivery. No orders should be left at the door without a signature.
Upon receipt of the above information from a Post, the Legion’s Washington Office will place an endorsement on the request stating it is a chartered Post in good standing and eligible to participate in the Veterans’ Program. The request, with endorsement, will be forwarded to Rock Island, IL for processing. No further correspondence should be necessary. Presently, it cannot be estimated how long it will take for ammunition requests to be filled. Requests will be handled in turn as to when received and when ammunition is available. Do not put multiple requests (ammunition, rifles, static display equipment) in the same letter, as each request must be sent to a different agency. You can request clips through Rock Island, IL with your ammo request. State this in your request. Clips are provided free of charge.

FACT SHEET Issue of Cartridge Caliber .30 Blank and Clips NOTE: Only authorized organizations that have been issued weapons through the Ceremonial Rifle Program at the US Army TACOM Life Cycle Management Command in Warren, MI are authorized to order and receive blank ammunition and/or clips. If you have privately owned weapons or borrow weapons from another organization, your organization is not eligible to receive blank ammunition and/or clips through this program. For authorized organizations, forms are sent to the following officer’s residential address. The use of ammunition obtained from sources other than the Joint Munitions Command is prohibited as it may result in damage to the rifle. More importantly, it could cause harm or serious injury to the user. NOTE: This office will only respond to requests for Caliber .30 blank ammunition or clips from an officer of the organization, either the Commander or Adjutant.

Your request for forms to order blank ammunition and/or clips can be by letter, fax, phone call, or email. Request for forms must provide home mailing address, phone number of officer, post number, and city/state where the post is located. Forms are sent to the residence of the officer and not to the post. A new form needs to be requested each time you need to order blank ammunition and/or clips.

Address your request for issue of AMSJM Form 725-2 to: Commander Joint Munitions Command POC: Dawn Folland ATTN: AMSJM-CDS Email: [email protected] 1 Rock Island Arsenal Rock Island, IL 61299-6000 (309) 782-4608 or Toll Free 877-233-2515 Fax: (309) 782-7292 or (309) 782-1776

Prefer to ship ammunition to the residence of an officer, not to the post.

Ammunition is sent 1,240 rounds (2 metal cans in a wooden box).

Quantity is limited to 2 boxes (2,480 rounds) of ammunition.

PLEASE DO NOT SEND ANY MONEY/CHECKS. AMMUNITION AND CLIPS ARE PROVIDED FREE OF CHARGE (NO SHIPPING AND HANDLING). ALL CHECKS/MONEY WILL BE RETURNED. Allow 6-8 weeks delivery after Rock Island receives and processes your order. All ammunition will be shipped via Federal Express (FEDEX) from Lake City Army Ammunition Plant, Independence, MO. Normal FEDEX delivery will be Monday through Friday between 9:00 am and 5:00 pm. An officer signature is required.

Rob Boudrie

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Apr 24, 2005
I winder if the AG will go after the feds if she finds out they are shipping blanks directly to American Legion officers.
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