WTS WTS/WTT AR 15 with Pre ban Drum (9/13/1994) MWG THE NINETY ROUNDER plus 100 Rounds Federal 556 # XM193BL


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Nov 15, 2019
This is likely the last time I'm bumping this rifle listing... doing a refinance and I close this week which will end my desire to sell this...

I'll add the Burris fast fire for my full asking price of $2500.

Unless you don't want rail accessory, sight, Magazine and unobtainable ammo don't waste your, or my, time with the lower offers please... I'm willing to move on down to the price of $2,000 if you only want the gun.

This is a lightly used pre Healey AR with the goodies... This is NOT something pre ban that someone else shot before you for the last 26 years... This could be your next prized piece...

Plus the drum has added bonus of being designed with philosophy of use that called for it to be left loaded indefinitely. Great item for bug out bag or for trunk gun. The ninety rounder was also designed for combat use and thus more durable. The company is still manufacturing these and has maintained a great reputation for standing behind its products; they began producing these in 1983.

Location : Cape Cod, MASSACHUSETTS... Have gun will travel...

Description : M4 style AR with heavy, match accuracy setup. ZERO RECOIL... shoot all day without overheating, no accuracy loss

  • DEL-TON INC DTI-15 AR 15 Cal 5.56MM lower receiver
  • Match Grade, Stainless Steel, Heavy 20 inch, 1/8 twist barrel, in 5.56MM
  • Upper receiver with built-in carry handle: integrated fully adjustable front and fully adjustable rear sights for windage and elevation
  • Also including an option use LEUPOLD scope mount
  • Military grade SPIKE'S TACTICAL BCG M16 Cut, Manganese Phosphate finished carrier made with 8620 steel (bolt made from no. 158 carpenter steel)
  • M16A1 buttstock
  • 2-piece polymer handguard
  • Used with LOVE; cleaned regularly after use; I took the gun's internals apart without gloves and you can see my hands are clean from the pictures provided
  • I will send more pictures
Accessories :
  • PRE BAN MWG "THE NINETY ROUNDER" ninety round AR-15 drum style magazine. Included and these go for three hundred bucks last I checked (I have more drums also if you don't like this style, ask...)
  • 100 Round Pack Federal 5.56MM # XM193BL-- included and last listing I found for these was at eighty bucks
  • LEUPOLD AR 15/M16 Handle Mount for scope-- included, worth sixty bucks... You are officially optic ready and at match grade with just the turn of the quick mount

Selling Terms :

  • Massachusetts LTC A
  • I have EFA-10 personal transfer to use so no cost to you!
  • Would prefer cash
  • I can take discrete online payments Paypal/Venmo (just don't mention guns for goodness sake!!!)
  • Trades that are reasonable would be considered

Price : $2,500 cash preferred; reasonable trades

Contact Information: Send me a message here please




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