Yugo M85 5.56 AK take AR mags. Extras. Russian “Alpha” clone

Jun 15, 2007
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For sale to LE in MA or who can legally own this. Really Hate to sell this as I’ll never see another one probably ever. Very cool gun but finances force sale.

On Cape Cod. Registered SBR. Transfer through class 3 dealer on here on Cape or shipped to your class 3 dealer to transfer. Or I can reattach faux suppressor and remove from registry and we can do FTF deal or transfer through an FFL. Buyer assumes all applicable fees associated with transfer.

These were a special run available done about 7 years ago by CNC Warrior on Yugo M85 pap 10.5” barreled 5.56 AKs. They were imported as pistols then had an AR15 mag well fitted, a Bonesteel folding stock attached, and a faux suppressor blind pinned and welded to make it a rifle. This is how I purchased it. After I had my form 1 approved I had the faux suppressor removed and but on a flash hider.

This also has a Texas weapon systems top rail for easy optic mounting, a rear adjustable sight, a MI tailed upper/lower handguard, TD grip, a tapco g2 trigger, an ALG recoil spring, and a Bulgarian style four piece flash hider. Not sure manufacturer on that but it’s a high quality US made one, might be AK builder. And I’ll throw in a 30 round magpul pmag too. Comes with OG spring and FCG group too. Chinese made surefire style flashlight. Magpul AFG too.

This was rattle canned in a camo pattern to mimic a Russian alpha clone.

I’ve run probably 500-700 hundred rounds through it since I bought it. Runs like a top. Throws spent casings into the stratosphere. Loud, fun, cool, and functional.

So here is your chance to own a rare special edition 5.56 AK rifle that takes commonly used AR15 mags.

$Sold . Cash If FTF. Most electronic payment methods accepted. PM me if interested.


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