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25-27 Aug 2023 HamXposition

Who’s going? I’ll be in Friday-Saturday. I didn’t get a Friday dinner ticket, but if there’s a bunch of NESers going, we could grab a table.

I'm not interested in contests (and have no equipment set up to do it anyway), so the Friday banquet is of no interest. Last year my late Wife and I went to a very nice Vietnamese restaurant in Marlboro instead.

It wasn't until last November when we finally had a tree company take out some 40+ trees and install pulleys for antennas. The plan was to string up an OCF antenna up this Spring, but my Wife's terminal cancer diagnosis put everything on hold and that is where I still am!
Going on Saturday just to check out the flea market offerings.

Update: Bagged it after all. Oh well......
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Friday & Saturday were pretty good. Nano VNA and Advanced SKYWARN were my favorite workshops. The hotel was just fine for $120.
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