2nd Circuit Court of Appeals overturns dismissal of CT's Nastri v. Dykes (CT park carry ban)

Apr 17, 2010
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Case sent back for reconsideration to the lower court which dismissed the case for lack of standing even though an state EnCon official testified the law would be enforced if one was caught carrying.

View: https://twitter.com/gunpolicy/status/1773719370545393735

The earlier dismissal order: https://storage.courtlistener.com/recap/gov.uscourts.ctd.152669/gov.uscourts.ctd.152669.46.0.pdf
Note what was indicated in that dismissal order even though the state court cited lack of standing (due to no one being charged under the law) as the reason to dismiss the case:
Colonel Lewis, the division director for the Environmental Conservation Police Division, testified on the second day of the preliminary injunction hearing that if EnCon found someone carrying a weapon in the state park, absent extenuating circumstances, they would issue a charge of possession of weapon in a state park under the challenged regulation.

The 2nd Circuit's order overturing the dismissal: https://ww3.ca2.uscourts.gov/decisi...8-4ca6-97f7-5be29d78975f/3/doc/23-1023_so.pdf
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