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Are all politicians prostitutes and snake oil salesmen?

Asked and answered in another thread yesterday. Your average politician has the intelligence of the average American. Actually 1/2 of them are below and probably 20% of them are undiagnosed legitimately mentally challenged.

But that's not the issue. Writing bad laws means zip to them. GETTING RE-ELECTED is all they care about. So even if they bothered to check that Glock switches were already illegal, it matters none because making them additionally illegal just ensures more votes come next November and assurances that they can rape and pillage while racking up years for a fat pension.

Don't believe that any politician is in it to help you. They aren't. They are there to help themselves. Sure, there are a FEW that are noble creatures. But those are the aberration, not the norm.
Janet Mills looks like a f***ing retard with that fake ass hair style. I'm sorry but when you're 100 years old and you have lush blonde hair it looks freakin WEIRD. Look at those decomposing hands. Gross.
From the article:

“There is growing momentum in Democratic Party circles for gun-safety reform,” said Adam Winkler, a law professor at the University of California, Los Angeles, who wrote a book about the U.S. firearm debate.

Never forget the ultimate goal is total confiscation of all firearms. As usual, they are trying a different angle and appealing to emotion to get some converts...don't give in, hold the line.
Take a look at their salary/perk/benefits package, then look at yours.

Re-think the "idiot" part.

Just sayin'....
Have you SEEN some of the more recent additions to the political system?? Like a "special" someone from NY as well as Shrek (don't recall where the fenderman came from).

Sadly, a LOT of the people that vote are no better (intelligence scale) and the system is beyond rigged these days.
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