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Ghost guns in the news.


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Feb 23, 2017
Nashua, N.H.
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"If you look back five years, the number of ghost guns that were recovered in crimes is minimal compared to the tens of thousands that are being recovered today,"
It’s not a Second Amendment case," Walsh said. "It’s not a challenge saying, ‘I have a right to keep and bear arms and this rule violates that right’, this is an administrative law change, which is very different. So it’s basically saying that the Biden administration is overstepping its authority to regulate firearms."
Most "ghost gun" data uses the definition of no original serial number OR a defaced/unreadable serial number. The article does not make it clear which definition they use, but implies they all have no original serial number, which is most likely not the case. Otherwise, the numbers would be much smaller.

And traces very rarely solve a crime. They make it always sound like a 1 hour CSI episode. I don't think anyone knows how many traces led to any type of arrest/prosecution since the ATF simply traces for other law enforcement agencies and then it is up to them. If someone has that data, it would be helpful to post.
There would not be such a "problem" with the amateur firearms craft if the democrats weren't such insufferable a**h***s regarding RKBA
“During the investigation, the defendants and their co-conspirators frequently utilized coded and cryptic terminology in an attempt to disguise their illicit activities, such as referring to ghost guns as ‘ghosties,’ and the counterfeit oxycodone pills containing fentanyl as ‘erks,’ ‘urks,’ and ‘percs,’” a press release said."

NSA level cryptology there I tell you. At least that crew were DEI inclined, 4 white, a Hispanic, 4 black and a Mooz.
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