Hanover High teacher accused of threatening to bring gun to school

I'm not worried. I chose my school well. I don't work in a particularly woke town.

I hope for your sake it doesn't happen. Woke town or not, eventually there will be a woke person around who could make life difficult for you. To me, it's similar to not driving around with a 2nd amendment sticker or AR15 decal on a car or truck, especially in MA. Look at what they tried to do to the high school kid driving around with an American flag flying in the back of his pickup. That was in Indiana, a very red state.
If the police decide to do a serious investigation they'll not only run a complete background check on him, but they will also look into any social media presence he may have. Stuff that he put on Facebook or wherever that he thought was funny could well come back to haunt him.
If I was a gambler, I would think this is more of an attempt to remove perhaps a crotchety older male teacher who doesn't conform to the latest lock step guidance on education.

The things you used to be able to get away with in a school setting...and you can't say bomb on an airplane. /s

Prosecutors have become too political, that should have never gone to court.

View: https://youtu.be/qMx-Lv_eZ3s?si=-RBvlrhGj9xOiDZp
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