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Iowa school shooting….

The epstein list itself feels like a nothingburger distraction.
The list is already published, nothing new is on "the list" this time around. He'll, even the official court filing states there is nothing left to be gained by not disclosing it as all the names are public knowledge, reacting with exception trafficked victims.
I'm surprised the news didn't use preferred pronouns to describe
Maybe the author is trying to avoid presumption altogether?

While I have a strong preference against singular they, if it's to erase all memory of the shooter I'm inclined to allow it. Shooters deserve no memory in death.
First day back from XMAS vacation - the kid obviously didn’t chill out well. He had 12 days at home to off himself and waited…
before the shooter allegedly turned the gun on themselves.

so sick of this woke shit. SHOOTER is a singular pronoun......IT WAS A SINGULAR PERSON!!!
It is standard practice to use "they" when the sex of the subject is unknown. You've done it yourself even if you didn't notice. Quit panicking.
I’d say, self-identified gender ceases at death. No self left to identify.

Oddly race doesn’t cease with death. I was in the morgue at John Hopkins Hospital in the 80s when a burn victim came in. The Diener was filling out the paperwork and wrote in Black as Race. I asked him how he could tell, given the badly burned corpse. He pointed to the Funeral Home name and said, it’s a Black Funeral Home.
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