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Nine for Eighty Colt 1911

Greg Derr

Gun Smith
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Aug 15, 2005
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9 for 80-
A 1960 Colt 9mm Lightweight Commander build for a corporate client who is giving it to a friend who is 81 years old. The senior shooters needs a pistol that he can function with limited strength given his octogenarian age. I set this up for easy racking with a 17# hammer spring and a 12# recoil spring. It's supplied with a lifetime of 115 grain 9mm ammo. The aluminum frame was lightly stippled for soft hands and the smooth grips were fashioned by Scott Kolar at SK Grips. There is a Harrison Design small spur hammer for easy cocking if needed. The controls are a little larger too. A Wilson extended slide stop and a EGW thumb safety. The client wanted a FLG to make take down easier, keeping the spring, cap and rod in the slide when taken off the frame. The frame was treated with IonBond after machine work and stippling. The slide was polished and blued in house by Nick and Rob. It's a soft shooter and the gentleman was able to rack it during the build/test process. He should have plenty of fun with it and provide one of his sons with an heirloom.


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I think both your gunsmithing and photography is getting better with time. Every new thread shows me your craft improving. There is nobody else I'll ever recommend for custom 1911 work.
whaaatttt? another commander? did i ever tell you..... [laugh] sweet pistol for the old gent!
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