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The GOAL Podcast

In this episode of the GOAL Podcast we look at some anti-gun nonsense out of the west coast, a run down of some holiday gift ideas, and a totally honest and unbiased look at the Hi-Point C9!

Join us and help spread the word!

We are releasing this week's episode a few days early, because the people of Massachusetts must hear this, and must get involved, while you still can.

GOAL's Jim Wallace and Jon Green joined us in studio to take apart the worst anti-civil liberties bill proposed in living memory here in Massachusetts.

This is the one, folks. Please listen in, and spread the word to all your friends through any means you have, whether they are GOAL members or not. We must get the word out. Strong language warning.

View: https://goalpodcast.libsyn.com/jim-wallace-and-jon-green-deconstructing-hd4420
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