10m is wide open to Europe!

I've been working all of Europe and Russia daily from my truck. Big signals, too. On a mobile antenna. When 10 is open, anyone can work the world on a minimal setup.
Ah, you gotta love these 7 second OSOs.
Some were, yes. Not all. I'm starting to like the ones with a little back and forth. The Austrian I spoke with was very friendly. I think I heard him better than he heard me, but eventually I was missing too much and had to end.

The guys who are just YOURCALL 59, and move on I treat like beacons. If I can work them I know I'm reaching.
I just saw a couple articles about rectangular loops for 2 and 6m, then this video for 10m. This looks like an easy build, and I might turn my failed vertical moxon into one of these.

View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZY_1IHUUxuA

Articles about 2m and 6m versions.

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