The N.Y.P.D. Is Upgrading Its Radios. The Public Won’t Be Able to Tune In


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Nov 24, 2005
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”John Roca cruised through Midtown Manhattan on a recent night just as the streetlights flicked on, his camera in the back seat of his sedan.

It had been a slow day for Mr. Roca, a photojournalist who has chased breaking news in New York City for a half-century. He knows what fewer and fewer reporters do: how to decipher the codes that come over a police scanner, a device that broadcasts radio communications between 911 dispatchers and officers who respond to emergencies.

There is an art to monitoring the radios, Mr. Roca said, and he has a knack for knowing what mayhem might “make ink.”

A local SoNH detective mentioned this week that, before their radios were encrypted, they had issues with people following them around with scanners. Now it’s all smartphone and stationary cams - nowhere for us to hide, nowhere for them to hide. But they keep trying…
My NH town's PD is encrypted. Thankfully the FD isn't.

Same here in my MA town. I suspect on the small city/town level that there's no broader strategy at play and they really just happen to have someone at the PD who knows happens to know how to apply for grants.
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