ATF investigates multiple gun purchaser


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Feb 23, 2017
Nashua, N.H.
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“So I just want to explain to you, um, kind of what’s going on. We have a search warrant for the house,” an ATF Agent told Martinez. KRQE Investigates obtained the recording of her interview with the then-25-year-old who sat in handcuffs in the back of a patrol car throughout the conversation.
“Essentially we’re here for the amount of guns that are coming in and out of this house, which you know about and you’re very much so involved in,” the agent explained. While the two talked, other ATF agents were executing the search warrant at Martinez’s brother’s house. Martinez told the agent he occasionally stayed there because he was homeless.Martinez explained to the agent that he sold the guns he bought to make a living, but the agents could still find some during their search of his brother’s house. And they did. Court records revealed the agents located 13 firearms – an AK-47, shotguns, a revolver, and several firearms still in boxes.

Court records show the feds went undercover, contacted Martinez on Instagram, and met up with him in person at various locations to make five different purchases over five weeks. The ATF said it bought four switches, two 9mm pistols, an AK-47, fentanyl, and LSD.

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