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Atlanta high school shooting injures 4 students after dismissal, district says


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Dec 13, 2006
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The shooting occurred in a campus parking lot shortly after students were dismissed, district officials said​

Not to sound racist but...

Blacks, again.

The government loves to blame White people for guns crimes.

If they subtracted all the Black shooters the USA would have the same gun fatalities as Europe.
The reason math is racist is cause you could look at the statistics. It’s black, shooting each other and white shooting themselves..

Facts and truth are racist..

But if we just passed one more law, people would stop killing themselves and shoot each other..

I don’t believe it said anyone died.. so it’s a nothing burger.. and even if they all did so what welcome to America
To be fair, the violence of the African-American community is gonna be nothing compared to these illegals..
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