Businesses that support our troops

I just got 40% off a new gun from S&W military sales. The program ended on Dec.31st But I think they start a new one every year.

It for active and retired and all you need is a picture I.D. with your Social Security number..
I know Miltec-1 has already been mentioned here. I would like to just mention them again, they donated to my unit hundreads of bottles of oil for our primary weapons and for our crew serves when one of our soldiers e-mailed them that we are deploying. What they gave us has worked great and I just wanted to mention it again here to thank them.
Two things.
1. Militec-1 worked awesome.

2. The Under Armour Factory Store in Wrentham, MA offers 10% discount to AD, Retired,NG, and Reservists. I had a great experience there, the clerk was more than helpful in offering the discount as he saw the only ID's I carry are a LTC and a MIL ID. OH YA and on Veterens Day they offer a 20% discount.
Anyone who builds AR-15s, the following manufacturers will give you a Military pricing (discount varies) or some discount on items.

Tactical Machining, 80% Lowers,
Del-Ton Inc. of Elizabethtown, NC create an account, tell them you are military via e-mail/phone
Brownells (when you create an account, put LEO/Military and its anywhere from 5-15%, sometimes more)
DSA Inc 5% off entire order, must create an account, e-mail/call customer service, and you will be credited at check-out

Nation-wide: Auto Zone, Advance Auto Parts, O'Reilly's Auto Parts, Lowe's, Home Depot, Sally Beauty Supply (wife goes there), Old Navy (1st of the month, dependent IDs work too), Chick-Fil-A, and ALWAYS ASK, it never hurts to ask! Some cashiers will give you a discount based on their personal support for the military, not the corporations!
Boston Aquarium, offers about 40% for you and your dependents. You can skip the general line and go to the membership line.
Bought a new truck (Colorado ZZ1) at the local Chevy dealer last Nov. Showed my DD214 After we agreed on the price. Got the 5% vet. discount, paid for the truck in full, and a few days later they called and said that the discount was N/G because things were changed and that I would have to have been discharged within the last yr. They wanted the $$ back. Scam. I told them that I had the truck, bill of sale and title. Go pound sand. End of story. Jack.
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