CMP Service Grades back ?


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Sep 24, 2012
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Just saw Service Grades posted- Any ideas what these may look like, how long they have been available? No mention of brands. Very interested, just because...
Read the description. That is what they will look like. You cannot expect anything above the minimum.

FYI- the latest scuttlebutt is that a sizable percentage of the current SGs are being built from “drill rifles”. They might be in overall better condition than a lot of the Philippine returns also seen recently.
There have been lots of problems with their site since the change was made, and they don't seem inclined to care about fixing any of it...
Back in 2014 when i was M1 shopping i missed the boat for service grades. The cmp was only selling field grades and "specials". I ended up buying a special grade. Getting feedback from the CMP forum generally buyers were very happy at the clean condition of the service grade rifles.
My first SG was 600$, came in with mostly NM parts and a CMP stock. Low SN SA. Tack driver. Not expecting anything as nice this time around, but what the hell, why not ?
Quick Turnaround- Rifle came today. 4.31xxxx SN, Muzzle 1+, throat 4+. 6/53 SA barrel, SA Bolt and IHC windage knob. Nice stock with matching hand guards and strong SA JLG and cross cannon stamps. Real nice finish as far as I can tell. Will have to take apart to see the rest. Only blemish I see is a thumb print size black ink stain on stock. Put in a sticky asking for low SN and old wood, added a 25$ donation that looks to have paid off !
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