Georgia gunman allegedly kills three, himself in murder-suicide ending at McDonald's


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Dec 13, 2006
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Georgia officials said that the connection to the crime scenes is unclear​

Officials in south Georgia say a man killed three people before eventually killing himself on Thursday.

The man allegedly killed his mother and grandmother at neighboring homes, and then went to a McDonald's restaurant in Moultrie, where he killed another woman, Colquitt County Coroner Verlyn Brock said.

The man then went on to kill himself, Brock said.

I very rarely eat fast food but when I do I don't eat in the restaurant.

It's not the same in 2023. I want a 1983 McDonald's. Or a Wendy's. Maybe one of those fake-wood formica filled vintage BK's.

I remember the Mansfield Wendy's was one of the LAST ones remodeled from the old school where the cash register dispensed your change to the little cup and the tables were printed with fake (I believe) old newspaper advertisements. I miss hte old Wendy's decor.
The yute worked at the McDonald's. He shot his mother, grandmother, and then his morning shift manager, before shooting himself.

But his last NAME is White.

Damned White supremacists again..

“The GBI Crime Lab will perform the autopsies in this investigation,” GBI wrote. “This is an active and ongoing investigation. Anyone with information is encouraged to contact the GBI Thomasville Field Office

What is the point of autopsies at this point? Is it not evident what the cause of death was? Do we really need to know the angle of the shot, from what distance, using what ammo, which penetrated xxx inches into calibrated grandma chest bones and organs? Who does that benefit?

What possible tip would they get?
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