Good day to hit the Range

Got a GSSF (Glock) match coming up next weekend. If you're familiar with GSSF, skip at least the next paragraph :)

Iron sights at 25 yards was, um, interesting. Tried out three different slides, finally settled on a G17 with stock sights. I was getting five alphas and a charlie when I took a little time. Really need to take that little bit of time and make the shot.

Practice speed at 25 yards, you'll be surprised the accuracy you can hold if you are neutral with your grip and not worry about the sights settling. Use a target focus and let it rip.

25 yards, .25s splits


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Fantastic day to shoot today. I showed up while it was still cold and had the range to myself. I felt like taking it easy, so I brought out my pussy caliber 5.56 rifles and blasted away. Today, the primary chore was zeroing the Colt; it’s been a long time since I shot an AR. Amazing how little recoil the A2 has.


I also got to have some fun with my new hiking piece, a Ruger GP100. I’d forgotten how hot my own .357 reloads are!
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Fantastic day to shoot today. I showed up while it was still cold and had the range to myself. I felt like taking it easy, so I brought out my pussy caliber 5.56 rifles and blasted away. Today, the primary chore was zeroing the Colt; it’s been a long time since I shot an AR. Amazing how little recoil the A2 has.
Did that A2 come with the triangular handguard?
Did that A2 come with the triangular handguard?

No, but I'm old-fashioned.

I was in the A2/M4 army, the one with the handguards ribbed (for her pleasure), but the "rubber duckies" we brought out for training always felt better to me ergonomically, and those were A1 style.

I love the aesthetics, too.
Sunday, Gun day. S&W M&P9, just installed Apex kit. It made a difference:
That one off to the side? Yeah, you know how right after you pull the trigger and you just know you pulled it? Yep, knew it as soon as I shot it.
Well, I suppose any day on the range is better than no day on the range.
My Mossberg 940 Pro came back from Mossberg last week and I finally got the chance to function test it again.

It is better, but not 100%:

Bolt still hangs up occasionally feeding from a full magazine tube.

The mag tube won't accept 7 rounds of OOB.

I'll be getting in touch with Mossberg again.

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Trying out some ammo on a t1x build. After having ejection issues left and right with blazers, went to some cci mini mags and eley pistol match.

Cci ran about .5” high consistently at 100y. The eley pistol shot these groups about a dozen times over. I’m not sure what the difference is between pistol and more rifle specific offerings, but these weren’t terrible out of a 16” barrel.


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Focus on the target and not your sights. Pick a specific spot in the A zone and see your sights there, but keep your eyes focused on the target

That helped, thanks.

Went to the range this past week to practice with guns for Glock match this weekend. Set up cardboard at 5, 10, 15 and 25 yards and worked on accuracy rather than speed. Probably burned up 300 rounds or so of 9mm and another 100 of .22.

Shot match yesterday, and just compared results to previous match. Match is time plus points, where each point equals one second. Targets are similar to USPA, down zero, down 1, down 3 and misses cost you 10.

Dots are about the same, dropped 2.10 in unlimited, dropped 3.63 in MOS. Overall hits almost identical, just a hair faster. I'm happy with that because my goal for those guns was to do better than last time - and I did.

Irons - however, big difference - dropped 26.17 seconds in competition division, and 26.01 in the rimfire division. My overall speeds with irons were about the same as last time, but my hits were better. I attribute that to "target focus" - and practice.

I shot a G17 with factory sights. Thinking of putting the Dawson sights back on and seeing if I can do better on the longer shots.

Biggest relief of the day - I practiced 25 yard shots - and the stage's longest shot was 15 yards. It looked close. Going to remember that and set up 25 yard shots again for next practice for GSSF.
T1x with arken ep5. Not wild about the reticle, and the illumination is subpar. However, price with the 25% off promo is hard to beat.

I’m not a precision shooter by any means as evidenced by a few of the 3shot groupings. I tried using a rear bag and its night and day difference. Need a lot more practice with it. it feels awkward but stable if that makes sense.


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Ran my Mossberg shotgun yesterday and it continues to malfunction.

Did a few reps of 5x5x5 today.


Finished up with some extra WHO reps to tighten up those 8s.
Break in shooting on the 9mm 1911. Far fewer malfs today in 300 rounds with Wilson Combat mags vs 50 rounds through the Ruger stock mags. Still dragging a little on the disconnector and the extractor didn't catch a couple of times, requiring a few tap-rack-bangs, and I think the recoil spring might be underpowered a bit. Next week, I'll just grab a case and run it through. Will probably end up at a smith in any case after I finish breaking it in, since I'd like to get some front serrations put on.
One of my go-to standards drill: 5^5

Five rounds, in five seconds, at five yards, inside a five inch target, five times in a row.

(Start from the ready or from the holster.)


Something new I tried today.

Three runs of Xray Alpha's "unknown name to me" drill.

Start at the 110m line.
Run to the 10m line and shoot 10 rounds.
All A-Zone or Down-0.
PAR time under 20 seconds.
(I ran to the 50y line and back, then shot from the 10y line.)

I failed all three runs due to time and/or hits.

Still a good drill and now I've got a goal.

We did some backyard training shooting off random objects and uncomfortable positions, ended with some 80y pistol which im only keeping like 50% hit rate on on the 60% IDPA target. The ground was too wet today to do any of the stuff I had planned

First day at range since rotator cuff surgery. Went with friend, son and grandsons.


Little 9mm including testing new sig 320

Son and friend shot ar and scar 7.62 including shooting at plate to see how it would hold up.

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