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In the spirt of the thread, there's a few radios left over from my uncle's estate, some new in box, others used but loved. These radios are not in my possession, but I can help facilitate their purchase.

As a follow up- all items have been sold.
Sorry guys

Yaesu FDM-400xdr $520
Yaesu FT-70dr $150
Yaesu NIB 5100a $430
Icom 706 mk 2 $525
Anytone 5555n- $200
Radioddity db25g $120
Alinco dr-605 $75
Yaesu 7250d $260

As a follow up- all items have been sold.
Sorry guys.

20230626_202852.jpg 20230626_202902.jpg 20230626_202921.jpg
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Hey Guys. It was an interesting afternoon on Friday. Be watching for a scratch and dent sale coming soon. No one was hurt. If someone would have been standing in that spot of the store yesterday it would not have been good.

Lots of product was damaged. Lots of boxes were damaged too. We will be working with insurance companies next week hopefully to figure out what to do next. It is very possible there will be some deals. Be watching your inbox and social media

I have ordered from them in the past. They are a reputable company.

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For all you cheap bastards who won't spring for a real Pelican case, this cheap case is even cheaper. I got one today. If the sale is still going this week I'm probably getting another.

Regular $40, 30% off is $28.

For some reason I was eyeing the TYT 220 rig again today. Reviewers either love it or hate it. I'm trying to drum up some interest with a few guys at work with marginal success. The only real taker really just wants me into SSB/CW, not FM, so I can be a rover for VHF+ contests.

I opened the aperture a little and am looking at the Alinco as well, for about 2x the price. If I make it to Marlborough this weekend I'll keep an eye out for something to mess with.

Unless someone with a few to unload wanted to unload one/them. ;)
If anyone is looking for a 2m mobile rig, this is the best price I've seen on the FT-2980 in a long time. $169.95 at HRO.

I have the one that goes to 1500 MHz. It is a phenomenal piece of equipment. Most recently, I got to use it's TDR functionality to find a break in my coax connection to one of my HF antennas. Enter info on the velocity factor, etc and BOOM, instant readout on how far down the break is.
I've got the something Stick Pro that does up to 600MHz and it's great. The app stopped working which really sucks, but it works fine with the laptop so I use that now.
I'll take these at 80% off [dance]

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