Interesting new silencer design


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Mar 31, 2012
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Silencers have really grown leaps and bounds in the past decade.

Looks like a pretty interesting new concept here. Much shorter overall length, and likely lighter too.





Hopefully with the shorter length and more traditional design, they don't get slapped down like Sig's "extended monocore brake" did -- fly too close to the sun (make your muzzle device too much like a suppressor part) and BATFE will drive you into the ground.

Very innovative but how can it not be classified as a suppressor with a 26db sound reduction from the “flash hider”
If the sound energy is redirected forward from the side (muzzle) and rear (shooter) then it isn't a silencer - it have a brake with attachable redirect tube that very noticeably reduces sound at the ear but doesn't actually reduce impulse energy so it's not a silencer.

But the article says the ATF calls both devices silencers so the muzzle device must have some form of internal expansion chamber that reduces sound versus redirects.
I love it. But everyone knows that suppressors are bad. Cleary safety equipment that protects conservatives is harmful to them. Their goal is that if that we go deaf by 50 we can't hear them taking our rights.
I've seen this can... Russ Oliver did it again!
He done changed the game. His old company is pissing in their boots.
I'm sure this will become available to civilian market. It's just too brilliant and works too darn good not to.
Who is not gonna want an extra 100 million dolars?
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