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Just saw my first Gatling Gun..

The Anchor

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Jan 18, 2013
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Anyone got 60k they want to donate to my new charity for wayward x generation degenerates?

DL in Warwick, along with a bevy of Korth revolvers and a case full of Night Hawks, had this on the floor.


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Reverse group buy?

We all pitch in for one vs we each get one?

DL is a cool shop. Have not been since the laws in RI changed
I'm fascinated with those early automatics, like Gatling and Maxim. Nobody knew what the hell that sorcery was and you were mowed down by the time you did.
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One of my wealthier clients had one in the barn on a visit.
I asked him what was under the tarp and he was happy to show it off.
Gawped at it for a while.
It's an amazing piece of craftsmanship.
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