Kurt Russell's take on Gun Control

1. Always liked Kurt - even in his Disney days.

2. AMEN.

3. Tombstone?? [rofl] Tales of a douchebag who leads his brothers into death, ignores his wife into opiod addiction and bangs some soulless harlot while watching his best friend die. It's bad when I'm rooting for Johnny Ringo. LOL. Val Kilmer was great. Kurt played a loser of a person who acted like he was a victim of circumstance but set it all in motion himself. He's like a Millennial who screams at a cop that it's not his fault he's speeding.

It was well shot and well acted. So it has that. I will change the channel or leave the room if it's on. LOL
So what you are saying is he was given a difficult role and he played it so well that you have forgotten that there is s difference between the actor and the character he was playing. I'm pretty sure he isn't a real gunfighter or a guy named Snake. What he is is an actor.
It's unusual for an actor to be outspoken in favor of guns. Many are hypocrites who say we shouldn't have any, yet use them in their movies to shoot the shit out of everyone in sight.
Kurt Russell endorsed Obama, Hillary then Biden.

Choose your heroes wisely.

Is there a source attributed to this because Kurt has always kept politics to himself, although Goldie reportedly supported Clinton in 2016?

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