Leftist Hatred Of Kyle Rittenhouse Is Boundless As He Announces New Book

Is anyone surprised?

Kyle Rittenhouse is the poster child for EVERY argument the left hates about gun ownership. He did exactly what RKBA advocates have always said they'd do, and then he stood trial and prevailed. This goes directly against the anti-gun worldview. So... just why would the leftist hatred of Kyle be anything other than boundless?
On twitter it's the same old horse sh*t from the left. "he crossed state lines with an AR15" "He bought the gun out of state" "He was purposely hunting down black people" and the most laughable of them all "he shot 3 black men that night". I mean twitter (X) has community notes and a lot of time I see these brain dead parroting idiots get noted but to be honest it's so prevalent in the left that Twitter could become nothing but community notes for every stupid leftie were tagged with untruthful notes.
From the article:
""The young man was judged and a jury found him to be innocent, but leftists still want him to pay for what they perceive to be crimes against their cult. The American legal system means nothing to them unless it happens to decide in their favor. When it doesn't they think they should have the final say.""

Which is more than sufficient reason to fight these people to the death and NEVER, EVER show them any quarter.
Can't wait to add a copy to my library......maybe 10 additional as handouts.
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