Maryland Gun and Ammo Tax


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Jan 18, 2013
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Buy guns to help our doctors!!! you can't make this up...

Bill sponsor Sen. Sarah Elfreth (D-Anne Arundel) likened it to vehicle registration fees drivers must pay, a portion of which go to the trauma system in Maryland. “I don’t plan on getting in a car accident, and I don’t plan on causing one, and I don’t think anyone on this floor does,” Elfreth told her colleagues on the Senate floor Monday afternoon. “But I know that the funds (from me) because I own a vehicle are going to go to having the best trauma system in the world.”

Rather difficult with handguns.
Depends on whether they force collection of some type of tax based on fair retail value with you do a transfer. Otherwise you can buy all your handguns out of state and just send them in state for the transfer. I know plenty of people that buy ALL their guns in NH. Handguns they have the frame shipped to dealers in MA for transfer. MA collects no taxes from any of these transactions unless the buyer volunteers on his MA tax return that he bought goods out of state...
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