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Aug 5, 2006
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Massachusetts / Utah / Florida Concealed Firearm Permit Course

Are you interested in getting your Massachusetts LTC or FID???

Are you interested in getting a Non Resident Firearms Permit for the State of Utah and Florida???

The Ma / Ut / Fl permit allows you to carry in around 38 States…

Northampton Revolver Club (Nton RC) will be holding a Mass / Utah / Florida Permit Class
on June 15, 2013 and August 3, 2013

Nton RC: Events - NRCJoinNow

Nton RC is located at 519 Ryan Road, Northampton, Ma 01061-0122…

The class will be done by Mr. Robert McDermott…

See his info at this link: McDermott & Company, Inc., Multi-License Firearm Course

If you would like to take either of these classes just fill out the correct form and mail it to me…

The cost of either class is $150.00.

Checks should be made payable to: Northampton Revolver Club…

The class starts at 9 A.M. The class runs for about 5 to 7 hours…

There is live fire in the class… If you have eye & ear protection bring them if you wish, if you do not have any we will have them available…

You only need to take one class so please send me the signup form for the correct class/day that you want to attend…

The class is limited to the 1st 25 people that sign up, so don't wait too long to send me your info/check.

This class will give you what you need for a MA LTC / FID.

This class will give you what you need to get your Non-Resident Utah and Florida Permits.

Hope to see you at the class.

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