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norinco 56 Mak90 parts

Dec 14, 2021
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Looking for chinese AK-47 Underfolder Stock with/ Mounting Hardware any suggestions please
I only found Bulgarian or polish or yugo
And not that much information if any of those will fit 100%


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My years with messing with AK variants and parts , many times you just need to make stuff fit.
A Bulgarian blued stock will fit, lock in place, and have the correct downward cant. It would look great and if you don’t like it you have something until you find a Chinese one.
They come up on Gun Broker all the time. I bought one last month off GB $100 I couldn’t pass it up for the price. Expect to pay about $300 + or - for a nice chinese one. The market is what it is for chinese AK’s.
Or try the AK forum, if you can join and be patient. I also found this link on the AK forum from someone looking for a chinese stock. Im not sure if they are all sold yet or not but there was a bunch on FALfiles you could give it a shot. Just be careful of scammers on the forums. Expect to get a bunch of scammers reaching out if you put up a WTB ad.

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