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Jul 4, 2006
Another Mistake in The New York Times
By John Lott February 04, 2011

Since the tragedy in Tucson, the New York Times has started an all-out campaign for gun control, with a relentless number of pieces -- news, editorials, and op-eds. In its advocacy, even the news stories are heavily biased by selectively quoting only academics who support pro-gun control positions. These seemingly unbiased sources are then contrasted with opposing views from clearly biased people on the other side, such as an NRA spokesman or a right-wing politician. The implied conclusion: scientific evidence favors gun control, but self-interest stands in the way.

Take two recent news stories by Michael Luo (here and here). He quotes seven academics who agreed with the New York Times position, but no one on the other side was even interviewed. Talk about misrepresenting academic opinion. The overwhelming majority of studies actually supports the claim that more guns mean less crime. Among peer-reviewed studies in academic journals, criminologists and economists studying right-to-carry laws have produced 18 national studies showing that these laws reduce violent crime, 10 indicate no discernible effect and none finds a bad effect from the law. One would never guess that 294 academics from institutions as diverse as Harvard, Stanford, Northwestern, the University of Pennsylvania, and UCLA released an open letter to Congress during 1999 warning that new gun laws were “ill advised.”

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Jun 11, 2009
Carthage, N.C.
The problem is that the NYT is trying to mount the ignorant people who are unwilling to look any deeper than the headlines in the NYT. Couple that with the anti's and get a good head of steam with all the Obama lovers and they can mount a formidable force of people against gun owners, but this is all limited to the blue states of the Northeast.. Now, the NYT is not read outside of the circle around New York City, so this is really nothing more than a feel good movement coupled with Bloomberg's meaningless group of mayors. At the end of the day, they all pat each other on the back and say, "we really showed them today" and throughout the rest of the country, they look at the snobby piss-ants and say, drop a nuke on them, they are nothing more than a hemorrhoid. But,If you live up here in NY, CT. Mass and NJ, they are a pain in the ass. It really is only these 4 states that are making all the waves for gun control, the rest of the country is pretty much pro-gun, well Illinois sucks too.
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