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Smith and Wesson M&P FPC 9mm Carbine Thoughts


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Jan 18, 2013
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Anyone own one of these?? Does it accept pre-ban magazines? Looks like a great option with a bug-out bag. I have a nice red dot for it also and the price seems right below $600.00... Thanks...
Have one, not sure on the prebans, never looked into it. It's decent, disassembly is a bit weird, everything comes out the "buffer tube," but relatively easy.

Easy to shoot, bit more recoil than my mpx due to it being blowback design but stays on target.

Oh, and the mags have this stupid f'n spacer that flops around. Drives me insane that they couldn't make it snap in place, or design a different baseplate for the neutered mags that doesn't have this.

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I have one and I like it. It’s more comfortable to shoot than the Beretta CX4 I used to have. The specs say it’s the same grip size as a M&P Compact and will fit Compact magazines but my Compact magazines do not fit. I put a Vortex SPARC red dot on it. People have complained about the lever holding the spare magazines. I haven’t found that to be the problem others find it to be. The spacer on the magazines aren’t great and hope S&W will come up with something better. apparently they work better on the 17 round mags better than the restricted 10 rounders with the big plastic base. The bag that comes with it seems nice but I just left it in the box since I have my own range so I don’t need to travel with it. I use it for fun range time. The quality seems good but time will tell. Have not had any func issues at all with 500 or so rounds fired, all of which have been Winchester White Box.


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The price is right however my choice would be and is an AR 16" barrel that takes Glock Mags. Actually you could be in that price range with a BCA 9mm Carbine. The only drawback is you would need to pin the stock and replace the flash hider with a pin and welded comp.
Also you could order this as Parts order the lower and have it shipped to your cooperating FFL and have the upper shipped to your house.


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Adding to this, I also have shot a cx4. It was brief but I remember not being a fan so I didn't persue buying one. I think I hated the built in sights.

And yea the spare mag catch is dumb, push one side of the toggle and the opposite mag comes free. No easy way to get a new mag 1 handed imo.
For some reason I want a folding pcc, and was thinking of grabbing a sub2000 when I came across these.

Thanks @Berkshire Guy , I was wondering if it would fit my M&P 9c mags, bummer that it doesn’t! That would have sold me.
I’m sure the same goes for the sub2000 M&P mag version.
Have one and basically love it. Shot it in a couple matches this year. The only major downside, is that without that big floppy spacer that has been mentioned. The magazines can over insert and prevent the bolt from closing. So I either use the spacer or load my first mag on a closed bolt. If were to go prone or something that would put upward pressure on a non sleeved magazine, it would malfunction after every shot.

As for the preban mag thing, if you don't need a folding rifle and like S&W. I'm a huge fan of the new Response. It takes M&P mags which allows me to use it in PCSL 2gun and share mags, but also can be swapped over to accept Glock mags. Basically, since I got the Response I haven't touched the FPC.
i'm moving to mass from florida.i thought i would have to sell off my rugers,pcc9mm carbine and pcc9mm charger. can i bring them if i wild a flash suppresser on each ??
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