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Jul 25, 2018
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May 13, 2023
Maynard Rod & Gun - Maynard, MA

This full day class is designed to teach the student what to do and how to respond and treat a casualty in the event of a traumatic injury or medical emergency.
Emphasis is placed on stopping bleeding and bandaging wounds.
Lesson plans and hands on applications will cover many various injuries including: lacerations, shock, blood loss, head injuries, fractures, and more).

We will also cover med kit and personal first aid kit contents.

The time to learn is now, before an incident happens.​

This class will include, but is not limited to:

– Basic first aid and advanced trauma / wound care
– Self Aid
– Rapid patient assessment
– Effectively stopping massive bleeding
– Basic anatomy and physiology of life-sustaining systems
– H, A, B, C’s—Hemorrhage, Airway, Breathing and Circulation
– Contents and application of Individual med kit components
– Proper storage and employment of the med kit
– Basic and advanced airway management – treating and monitoring
tension pneumo thorax, sucking chest wound and flail chest
– Use of bandages, compression bandages, gauze, and hemostatic agents (celox, combat gauze, etc.)
– Proper use, storage and application of tourniquets, chest seals, NPA.
– Recognition and Treatment of various injuries (gunshots, lacerations,
burns, airway blockage, head injuries, orthopedic, environmental)
– Recognition and treatment of hypovolemic (hemorrhagic) shock
– Moving and positioning victims with various injuries
– Evacuation considerations
– Prioritizing care


Chris Goemans​

Medical Instructor / Range Safety Officer​

Chris became involved in EMS at an early age by volunteering at his local ambulance/rescue squad in College Point, NY as a teenager. After taking initial CPR and First Aid classes, he later enrolled in an EMT class and has been certified since, now over 28 years.
Chris continued to volunteer and work as an EMT in NYC throughout the 1990’s and well into the 2000’s. During this time, he also taught a variety of courses for the American Red Cross, American Heart Association and worked alongside fellow EMS veterans to teach CFR and EMT courses at one of the longest operating and most respected training facilities within NY State, the Regional Training Center for Emergency Medical Technicians. Here, he helped to train and re-certify thousands of Certified First Responders and fellow Emergency Medical Technicians for over 15 years.
In late 2015, Chris decided to take the necessary steps to secure his pistol permit, a friend suggested he check out OnSight Firearms Training and that’s where met Ben, Rachel, and the rest of the team. In addition to participating in Pistol, Shotgun and Carbine courses, Chris frequently assists OFT as an RSO.
Today Chris co-owns a security company which provides solutions to a variety of clientele; everyone from Residential and Small Business owners to School Districts and fortune 500 companies.

• NRA Certified Range Safety Officer (RSO)
• NYS Emergency Medical Technician (EMT)
• Tactical Combat Casualty Care Certified (TCCC)
• Tactical Emergency Casualty Care Certified (TECC)
• CPR and AED Certified
• FEMA Certified in Incident Command
• FEMA Certified in Active Shooter Responses
• NYS Licensed to install/service security and fire alarms

All training material will be provided. Students are encouraged to bring notepads and pens for note taking.

For more information or questions
please contact [email protected]

Private and group shooting lessons available – Rifle – Pistol – Shotgun – Women’s classes available. New York (resident) pistol permit classes, Utah, Connecticut, Maine, New Hampshire, Florida, Virginia, Arizona, Massachusetts non-resident carry permit classes available.


No Refunds unless we cancel the course.​

If you have to cancel attending a course you are registered for you may opt to transfer to another course that has openings within the calendar year provided you give 7 days notice of the cancellation.​

No exceptions.​

No-Call/No-Show: Participants who do not show to the event without prior 7 days notice forfeit their deposit.​



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