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Jun 15, 2012
Manchester, NH
Hey guys! Been here for a while but not really ever as a legit shop of sorts.

I do not have a customer-facing shop but I have a pretty decent website and a lot of unique product offerings that I stock and ship myself, namely...

-Adjustable gas blocks for AR15/AR10 platform rifles. Basically my bread and butter product. All sizes, infinite or clicky, set screw or clamp.
-All steel DIY 3D printer gun kits for making your own Glock 17/19/26.
-Kogan Hearing Protection hats. I am the sole US distributor for them. Wear your good muffs and protect your skin!
-Red Feather Canned Butter. Really good stuff, perfect for your prepping or general use with a long shelf-life.
-Scho-Ka-Kola. German caffeinated chocolate, perfect for the deer stand.
-Beretta 8000/8045/9000 grip extensions. 3D printed by me and near-perfect copies of the original factory part.

Head on over to WojtekWeaponry.com for more information! I will hopefully get my own little subforum here for you guys in the coming days.
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