Check on your buddy.


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Oct 30, 2010
North of Boston
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I know we have some members here who work with different PTSD groups for veterans. Foremost, thank you!
For the rest of us I was reminded that we just need to 'check on our buddies' today.
It hurts to read this. No one I know but I know those that have lost this battle from Vietnam Vets to Afghanistan Vets.
Tough to read.


Yup but coming home to what could possibly be perceived as an ungrateful nation wasn't too pleasant, was worse for many. Tough times either way.
For me coming home to an ungrateful Nation was not surprising, probably because I came home had lived in Boston for 30 days before I extended for my second tour, so I had no illusions about any 'welcome home's'. What really surprised me was how dreadfully bad I was treated at the VA when I really needed a hand after my second back to back tour. I was told we don't have any outpatient programs for PTSD but if you want, you could check into the VA nuthouse for 30 Well, like the man, Neil Young song 'Still crazy after all these years'
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