Cleaning your guns

Depends on how many rounds. About 500 rounds for handguns and about a 1000 for rifles.

For an EDC, a good exterior wipe down with CLP every other week is good, sweat is super corrosive.

If it's a good, reputable make and model, you can go a good amount of time between cleanings.
I only really shoot my AR's so after every range trip I just wipe down the bolt and run some CLP through the barrel, if I dont shoot for a few months I will pull them out and give them a quick wipe with CLP

My carry gun and my bedside gun ( P365 and G17 ) get cleaned and function checked after every range trip
About every 6 months I clean all my guns. I spread the cleaning out over a few days and put aside some time each day. I also clean every gun after shooting, before it gets put away in the safe, never put away a dirty gun. Guns that sit in the safe unfired need to be cleaned at least on a 6 month cycle. This way you will always know they are clean, lubed, function checked and ready for use. Plus it is relaxing.
Modern sporting rifles get cleaned every 2k or so. I will oil the bolt though if it gets sticky.

Precision guns get cleaned every 30-100 rds.

Handguns get cleaned every 500ish.
If they've been properly oiled with chemically stable oils prior to proper storage there's no reason to fuss with them as literally nothing is happening to them. If they've not been stored properly or you are using oil that chemically changes over time, then you have to refresh the oil every so often to avoid oxidization.
My carry guns are always very clean. If (and it's a really big if) something really f***ed up happens I like it to be 100% obvious my gun is unfired.

MSRs get BCG, chamber, and upper cleaned after every range trip. Barrel cleaning every 500 or so, or after a day in the field.

I have a few 870s that I never ever clean because getting the light mount, barrel, and side saddles off sucks.

Everything else in storage gets yearly detail stripping. Not just a cleaning but a magnifying glass inspection as well. Clean, touch, and look at every single part.
Really varies depending on gun. Keep everything lightly oiled. Don't clean much except when I shoot 38 spl out of a .357 revolver. That will get a good cleaning. Next is .22lr rifle and pistols which usually just involves running a boresnake for a quick clean. I can't remember the last time I stripped the Ruger MKIII.
Semi-auto rifles and pistols really too varied to list here. Let's just say I don't clean them that much (except for a quick boresnake every now and then) and strip them even less.
Carry guns are checked for cleanliness more often.
For me it depends on a number of things. By default, I clean every gun I shoot before dinner the day they were shot. That's just me: I vacuum the car every time dirt or sand gets carried into the footwells; I pick up leaves off the lawn just because they're there.

If I know I'll be shooting one or another gun a day or two later, I might put cleaning off. If I know I'll be shooting a center-fire target rifle in a match shortly after a practice round, I'll do a quick bore clean at the range and then fire one or two fouling rounds before leaving the range -- so as (at least in theory) as to avoid a "cold shot" during competition. For the reason stated by WhatLuck, I will clean a carry pistol immediately, even if I've only fired a handful of rounds at the range (something that doesn't happen often).

As for rimfires, I never clean the bore of .22 rifles that shoot lead slugs and nearly never clean the bore of .22 pistols ditto. On the other hand, I will clean out the chamber after every outing, as well as all of the combustion product that migrates into the magwell or lockwork.
I’m that weird guy that actually likes cleaning guns, I typically give them a clean after every range trip. If a carry gun goes more than a couple months without being fired (rare), I’ll give it a quick wipe down to remove lint and give everything a fresh coating of oil.
I had a revolver that sat in the safe, cleaned for 10 years. Took it out to shoot Massad’s Mag 40 qual. Did not clean and oil it before. It did not run well at all. Lesson learned.
My Black Power antique stuff gets cleaned after every range trip.

My modern smokeless stuff, gets cleaned almost never unless I start getting cycling issues ! :)

I don't think i've ever cleaned my AK47 (but I never shoot the corrosive stuff)
Back in my youth I was obsessed with keeping my guns clean even after firing a single round. 35 years later.....I can't remember the last time I cleaned any of them. I'll clean a brand new one then relube, but after that it's a basic wipedown and done. If I notice malfunctions and such I'll do a thorough cleaning. But that hasn't been the case....yet.
I keep my EDC cleaned and ready to go all the time. I fire a box of ammo through it once a month to verify operation and makre sure everything is OK.

During the period of time I shot a 1911 in IDPA that got cleaned after every outing. I used to call it the dirty bird because it got filthy fast.

I have a Gen 1 M&P and I'd put that against anything for run time between cleanings. I'd go thousands of rounds on that and it never stopped working.

My current competition gun, P226 Legion SAO, has gone up to around 1k rounds between cleaning. I keep it clean because I'm pretty anal about keeping my competition guns clean. Nothing worse than traveling a good distance for a match only to have gun issues that could have been prevented with a good cleaning.

I have a Ruger PC Carbine I got a few years ago. I disassembled it and put in some aftermarket parts when it was new. I haven't cleaned it since then. It has several thousand rounds through it. It is like the old Timex watches. Takes a licking and keeps on ticking. Eats any ammo you feed it.
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