Cleaning your guns

What does everyone do with a new piece? Strip and lube first or run a few hundred through it out of the box?

I rarely do anything unless it's a used gun... i take it out of the box and shoot it. On used guns if they're dry ill briefly take it apart if needed and get some gun lube on the right parts.....
Modern stuff I don't necessarily clean after every range trip, maybe a quick wipe down if anything. If I have the time I'll do a good cleaning, but otherwise I don't worry about it too much.

Milsurps I try to clean up pretty well after each range trip. My thinking is that I don't know when I'll pull that particular gun out again (could be months or even a year), so I want to make sure it's clean and oiled up before going back in the safe.
I will always run a bore snake through whatever gun I just shot at the range, every time. I won't carry a gun that I haven't cleaned which is why I have two identical EDC's, I'll take one to the range and shoot 3-4 times before cleaning it and swapping it out for the other (when I swap I shoot the carry ammo in the EDC I'm carrying). HomePro gun same, if I don't clean it I'll put another gun in the safe for homepro until I clean the main one although I don't often shoot the homepro gun since I have enough similar ones I can take to the range.
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