CNN - Communist News Network is a Dumpster Fire

CNN Ratings Collapse to 311,000 In Prime Time.
Not 311,000 in the demo, but 311,000 overall.
They had 50,000 in the demo.

Considering they have airport and nursing home contracts... just wow

Actually, they lost the airport deal March of 2021, it's been discussed earlier in this thread.
CNN is still playing deceptive tricks aimed at the low information voters.
Schiff was called out for lying by show host Dana Bash, then suddenly his party affiliation on the chiron was changed from D to R.

Schiff’s party affiliation magically changed from (D) for Deception — er, Democrat — to (R) for Republican.
The switch is clearly visible when Bash brought up Schiff’s infamous, repeated lie that he knew of evidence — even evidence “in plain sight” — that the Trump presidential campaign colluded with Russia. Special counsel Robert Mueller had found none, after his team of rabid partisan leftists spent two years looking for it.
Schiff’s party affiliation magically changed from (D) for Deception — er, Democrat — to (R) for Republican.

Watch the chyron beneath. About the 31-second mark, it identifies Schiff as (D). By the 36-second mark, he’s been switched to an (R).

I'm surprised CNN hasn't given Lemon the boot yet, it looks like he's really trying hard to get fired.
Maybe that's his plan, get fired, then file a lawsuit against CNN claiming it was racially motivated, and has nothing to do with him being a misogynist douchebag who makes life miserable for his female coworkers.

The racists at CNN are not happy with the idea of Charles Barkley coming aboard:

Here's their BS excuses:

“People watch him to talk about sports, not politics and social justice issues and he’s expensive!,” they pointed out.

Not to mention, they added, “They’ll be spending a lot of money on someone who’s not a real journalist. That’s not going to help morale when people have lost jobs there.”

Yeah, like anyone at CNN is a real journalist.
I want to say there was a time Don Lemon saw reason. At one point, he was young, had enthusiasm for journalism, and was willing to listen and learn from those who had come before him. If memory serves, he went out of the limelight for 3 or 4 years following this interview, and since then just reads scripts, collects his paycheck, and looks like he hates every minute of his life.


Warner Bros. Discovery boss David Zaslav voiced support for embattled CNN CEO Chris Licht despite him getting “a lot wrong” amid rumors the cable network’s chief may be shown the door, The Post has learned.

At a town hall with roughly 600 CNN managers Tuesday, the CEO of the network’s parent company stood alongside Licht and tried to rally the fractured staff.

CNN only has a total of 4000 employees world wide, seriously, why do they need 600 managers ???

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This article says their viewership rankings are down to 17th in prime time^
However, that was last week.
This new article says they're ranking has fallen even further, now down to 21st.

Did CNN have a moment of clarity ???

Well. . . . to be fair. . . . the article is more wrong than right. Hiring HAS been strong. None of it is Biden's "fault" but let's just talk about what's what. Truth is truth regardless of who is spewing it. And lies are lies no matter who are spewing them as well.

There's another interesting tidbit - recessions don't happen when people are watching for them. One of my biggest "where are we in the economic cycle" metrics are what the cable talking heads are saying. The more negative they are, the more positive I am - and vice versa. The fact that CNN is finally worried about the economy likely means that things are just fine.

I'll give you a microcosm example: Everyone fretted during the Christmas season that "no one is buying anything. The Christmas season is a bust." Then earnings #'s come in for the 4thQ. Turns out, Christmas was pretty damned good for retailers. Although every single one adjusted 2023 figures b/c of "the impending recession." Hmmmm. I'll be interested to see how accurate these folks were in January for 2024.
Now maybe Don Lemon will resign in a fit of indignation over the overt, hateful, anti-black move by a racist white corporation and therefore preempt his ass being tossed out next.
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