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Forum Ideas

How about a mandatory state drop-down in the title of all classifieds.

Put it at the beginning of the title.
NH- gen 2 Glock 19, EXTREMELY RARE, customized $150000000000
How about classifieds for just normal members? Dealers already have their own, and just dump so much into the general categories that our ads get pushed all the way to the back. And this is the last board left in NE for buying, selling, trading.

Or, at least split them into states, so we know whether it's for sale in NH, ME, VT or some other state. (or just call that one the "NOT MA" section). Since, ya know, no one actually lists a state in their title....

Rant off.
These would be cool. The dealer dumps are annoying.
A forum video section would be good.Where people can post any of their gun video's they made.
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